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Air-Soft Rifle Marksmanship

Air Soft Rifle marksmanship training is an activity designed to develop safety skills and attention to detail. Air Soft Rifles are a great alternative to “real” weapons in order to learn safe Air-Soft handling techniques and to experience realistic target practice training.

Despite these weapons being generally described as non-lethal, it is important to keep in mind that every gun should be considered to be a loaded one, and must be handled using strict safety measures. Air soft rifles can cause injuries, and should never be treated as toys. Eye protection should be mandatory, as well as the enforcement of safety guidelines.

It is important to learn the proper care and handling of the air soft rifles and learn how to use the basic fundamentals of rifle marksmanship. Air-soft rifles are powered by air and they discharge a plastic pellet. They are accurate up to approximately 100 feet, depending on the rifle. Air-soft pellets are relatively inexpensive and can provide hours of entertainment. This is a great target practice activity for individuals who enjoy competing against themselves to create a new personal best.


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