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Bivouack at RRMC

The term “bivouack” usually refers to a small, portable shelter that can be used for camping. In the military, the term is also used to describe the act of camping, usually with no frills, just the basic necessities.

Both Recruits and staff always seem to look forward to our camp bivouack experience. The bivouack is an opportunity to leave the main camp and head out into an area that is normally uninhabited by campers. On the morning of this activity, we take the time to write up a packing list and to pack our necessities for our journey. Learning how to follow a packing list is a good lesson in following directions, and helps our recruits learn to be self sufficient. The recruits take their gear, and hike out on the camp property in order to experience nature and the great outdoors at its best. Being able to camp out under the open sky and look at the bright stars makes this excursion all the more appealing. During our bivouack excursion, we like to have a simple weenie roast and tell stories, for a more traditional camp experience.

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