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Leader Reaction Course

At RRMC, it is important to challenge a recruit’s mind as much as or more than the body. Anyone can make it past a physical challenge if they’re quick enough or strong enough, but what about a challenge that takes more than physical aptitude? When it’s time for Reality Ranch’s Leader Reaction Course, you’re in charge, and you have to make some important decisions- and fast! Do you have what it takes to be a strong leader? Can you handle the pressure?

For this activity, recruits are separated into squads, and are given limited materials to accomplish a task. For example, they may have to make a bridge from point A to point B, using ONLY what has been provided-and nails and a hammer are not included! The squad leader will need to utilize his mind and the rest of his team to navigate this obstacle. Two heads are always better than one. With a squad full of open minds, there’s no telling what they will come up with. One thing is for certain; our recruits always learn the value of trust and teamwork while navigating their way through our Leader Reaction Course. Think fast!


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