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Learning Land Navigation

Learning how to land navigate is more than just knowing how to read a map. Land navigation requires a good understanding of coordinates, cardinal direction and landmarks. Each recruit is issued a lensatic compass that they will learn how to use, and will become familiar with. Learning land navigation teaches our recruits how to translate what they see on a map to what is actually visible on the ground, so that they can make their way from one point to another. This is an important skill that everyone should understand, practice and be familiar with.

Our land navigation course is made up of navigation points, which are hidden and spread out throughout the camp. Recruits are broken up into teams and must utilize grid coordinates and compass azimuths to navigate from point to point. Those who paid good attention in our land navigation classes will fare well. Those recruits who didn’t pay attention or didn’t ask questions when they didn’t understand a principle of navigation will have a difficult time finding their points. The lessons learned during Land Navigation training will come in handy at the end during the Dirty Dozen camp competition.


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