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Meet the Denton Family

Reality Ranch is proud to be a summer camp that is family owned and operated. But, who are we? 

We get asked lots of questions, year after year; some serious, some strange, and some are just plain funny. Who are we? What do we look like? Do we have children of our own? Is our home painted camouflage? For our Ranch Parents who are shy, but still curious and want to learn more about us, this page is dedicated to you.

Commandant Denton and Major Denton… any relation?

Yes, Commandant and Major Denton are married…. but during camp, you’d probably never know it! Even staff members have asked this very same question, half way through the summer!

Were you both in the military?

Commandant Denton proudly served in the United States Army prior to starting Reality Ranch. You can read more about his military experience by clicking here. Major Denton has never served in the military, unless you count the numerous years spent being an Army wife. The titles, “Major” and “Commandant” are reflective of the camp rank and positions held at RRMC.

Do you have any children?

Aside from the couple of hundred that hang out in our back yard each summer, yes, we do have four children of our own, two girls and two boys. Sarah is our oldest daughter, who is fourteen, Jeremy is our oldest son, who is nine, Emily is our youngest daughter, she is eight and Matthew is our youngest son, he is four. 

Who watches your children during camp?

We have a nanny to care for our children while camp is in session, so that we can give our full attention to the recruits in our care.

Is your home really painted camouflage?

No, our home is not painted camouflage. But we used to have our son’s room painted in woodland camouflage, which was pretty cool. We prefer to stick to more traditional decor when camp is not in session.

Does the Commandant ever sleep down at camp with the recruits?

Yes, he does occasionally. He appreciates the extra interaction with the recruits, and his staff. He often arrives down at camp with little or no notice, to ensure that things are running as they should be. 

Do you have any pets at camp?

Yes, we do! We have a harlequin great dane named Capt. Vickie, who likes to come and visit camp (and clean up any leftovers) from time to time. Capt. Vickie is a mature lady, nearly eight years old, and is known for being friendly and welcoming to all of our camp guests. She is very playful, and has a terrible weakness for bread. We also have two mini dachshunds, Lt. Frank and Lt. Annie who also enjoy running through the grass and meeting new friends. All of our pets have all necessary health certifications and shots and are friendly, gentle animals. They are a welcome addition to our summer camp, and provide plenty of comic relief for both recruits and staff.

What do you like most about Reality Ranch?

Reality Ranch allows us to make a positive contribution to society, by helping youth to succeed. We have four children of our own, and this camp is an investment in their future, and the future of other children. We love hearing from the recruits and their parents, even years after they attended camp.



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