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Hiking on Mount Graham

Mount Graham is the majestic mountain that overlooks the city of Safford, and is the highest mountain in southern Arizona. This mountain has an elevation of 10,517 feet, and is truly a beautiful site to see. It has scenic road for cars to drive on, and a separate hiking trail for hikers. This hike is rated as a non-technical trail, which makes it great for beginners without any hiking experience. This hiking excursion is a great opportunity for recruits to not only see a beautiful part of Graham county, but it’s a great opportunity to learn about respect and appreciation for natural surroundings and the¬†wildlife that inhabits Mount Graham.

Hikers are not permitted to hike to the very top of Mount Graham, due to protected wildlife that is at the peak of the mountain, so our hike keeps us well below the summit.

Mount Graham is home to the red squirrel refuge, thus it is important that any hiking done on this mountain be done with respect for nature and by leaving minimal footprint on the land. The mountain is covered with snow during most of the year, and usually warms up enough to be snow free in the summer time. The higher elevation helps make this mountain hike cool and comfortable.

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