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Physical Training (PT)

Recruits participate in daily physical training (PT) sessions conducted each morning. They are led through the key components of proper physical fitness, including warm up, stretching and cool down. Our recruits are initially evaluated and placed in groups contingent upon their individual skills and ability; and are encouraged to improve their levels of fitness and agility. PT tests are conducted periodically to document their progress and encourage their efforts. Making progress is MUCH more important than being the “strongest” or the “fastest”.

Some children choose to attend Reality Ranch to get in shape or lose some weight. Some recruits will lose weight, some will gain muscle and definition and best of all, nearly all recruits will notice some healthy improvements on the inside!To keep exercise an enjoyable activity, the physical activities will vary from day to day. PT sessions can include different types of organized athletics, calisthenics, aerobics, strength training or individual training.  

For the first few days, the recruits will be sore and tired. As time goes on, the soreness starts to disappear, their energy levels increase and so does their effort level, because they know that good health and exercise benefits the body. Self esteem increases, and the recruits learn that they can do anything they want to, as long as they put their mind to it. Our recruits are often pleasantly surprised at the great strides they make while at camp, and are proud of their physical accomplishments. Reality Ranch helps young men overcome their physical fears and break through emotional barriers when they realize that they really can do just about anything! 


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