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A Day in the Life of Reality Ranch

A summer at Reality Ranch will be a busy one, with plenty of activities crammed into each day. Recruits wake up early and conduct personal hygiene. Then, they apply plenty of sunscreen before doing PT. The morning physical fitness regiment varies each day; some days there are calisthenics, other days focus on aerobics. There are plenty of fun ways to get fit at camp, and at home.

There are plenty of group formations throughout the day, to ensure accountability, and give new information to the recruits. Group formations also build plenty of esprit-de-corps and get the recruits motivated for the next camp activity. Classes and other camp activities occur throughout the rest of the day to ensure that your son don’t just “sit around” all summer long. Wonder what a day in the life of a camp recruit is really like? Check out our camp video online.

There is nothing flashy or fancy about our camp video (or our summer camp)… no crazy special effects or tricks. Just a good, quality educational summer program.

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Be sure to check out our Camp Photo Gallery to see our recruits in action!

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