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Physical Training (PT)

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Recruits participate in daily physical training (PT) sessions conducted each morning. They are led by our knowledgeable and experienced staff through the key components of proper physical fitness to include warm up, stretching and cool down. Our recruits are initially evaluated and placed in groups contingent upon their individual skills and ability; and are encouraged to improve their levels of fitness and agility. PT tests are conducted periodically to document their progress and encourage their efforts. This gives them an adjustable and attainable goal to reach during their stay at camp, and a fitness level to maintain after their return home.

To keep physical training and enjoyable activity, the sessions and activities will vary from day to day. PT sessions can include different types of organized athletics, calisthenics, aerobics, strength training or individual training.  For the first few days, the recruits will be sore and tired. As time goes on, the soreness starts to disappear, their energy levels increase and so does their effort level, because they know that it’s benefitting their body. Some recruits will lose weight, some will gain muscle and definition and best of all, nearly all recruits will notice some healthy improvements on the inside! Their self esteem increases, and they learn that they can do anything they want, as long as they put their mind to it. Our recruits are often pleasantly surprised at the great strides they make while at camp, and are proud of their physical accomplishments. Recruits quickly overcome their physical fears, and break through their emotional barriers when they realize that they can conquer the challenges presented to them and reap the benefits of physical training. 

Playing Paintball

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Reality Ranch is proud to offer paintball as one of our camp activities. It’s one of our favorite activities to do at camp because it’s so much fun, and is a true test of the teamwork that we have been working to establish between the Recruits and our staff. We have a special area at camp that is designated specifically for paintball practice and tournaments. Playing paintball is usually an all day affair, and we typically pack a lunch, and cook out in the paintball arena when possible. We wouldn’t want to waste valuable paintball time walking to and from the chow hall, now would we?

Recruits are required to wear full protective face masks/eye protection and are given specific instructions regarding the safe handling of a paintball marker. Even recruits who are experienced at playing paintball are required to attend our safety class to ensure that they have a clear understanding of the rules, and what is expected of them during play. We have a strict no tolerance policy for horseplay, and if a recruit is deemed to not be following directions or behaving appropriately, he will not be given the opportunity to play. Safety is first and foremost, and we take as many precautions as possible to help ensure that playing paintball at camp is fun and safe for everyone.

The Bivouack

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Both Recruits and staff always seem to look forward to our camp bivouack. We pack our necessities and hike way out on the property in order to experience nature at its best. Being able to camp out under the stars makes this excursion all the more exciting. During our bivouack excursion, recruits enjoy a weenie roast and story telling time.   

Challenge Course

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

This page is currently being updated.

We’ll have all the information about our courses available in just a few more days.

Please check back soon!!

Land Navigation

Thursday, April 17th, 2008


Learning how to land navigate is more than knowing how to read a map. It requires a good understanding of coordinates, direction and landmarks. Recruits learn how to translate what they see on a map to what is actually visible on the ground. This is an important skill that everyone should know and be familiar with.

Our land navigation course is made up of navigation points, spread out throughout camp. Recruits are broken into teams and must utilize grid coordinates and compass azimuths to navigate from point to point. Those who paid good attention in our land navigation classes will fare well. The lessons learned during Land Navigation training will come in handy at the end during the Dirty Dozen camp competition.


Mountain Hike

Thursday, April 17th, 2008


Mount Graham is the scenic mountain that overlooks Safford. It has an elevation of 10,517 feet, and is a beautiful site to see. It has both a driving road, and a hiking trail, which is rated as a non-technical trail for beginners.


Hikers are not permitted to hike to the top of Mount Humphries, due to protected wildlife that is at the peak of the mountain, but we can take a nice hike and enjoy nature on this excursion. The mountain is covered with snow during most of the year, and usually warms up enough to be snow free in the summer time. The elevation keeps it nice and cool, a comfortable hike.


Swimming Pool Excursion

Thursday, April 17th, 2008



Visiting the Safford Pool is always a lot of fun, and a great excuse to take a trip into town. The swimming pool has a neat water slide that the recruits always seem to enjoy, and the water is always cold and refreshing. It’s one of our favorite ways to beat the heat. What more could we ask for?


Going swimming is a fun activity that allows for a little bit of “down time” and relaxation. The pool is immaculately kept, and the people there are awesome. 

The pool is always staffed with certified life guards as an added measure of safety. There is also a picnic area where we can enjoy lunch after swimming. Swimming is a great way to get exercise, and have fun at the same time. Who says there’s no water in Arizona?

Dining Out Night

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

We like to treat our recruits to a dining out night during their stay at camp. This usually happens during one of our longer outings, such as the Grand Canyon Trip, or the Mountain Hike. Our favorite place to eat is at the Mandarin Chinese Buffet in Flagstaff, Arizona. Even Major Denton likes this restaurant, and she is known to be quite the conniseur of Chinese food.


This trip is a great opportunity for our recruits to show off their proper etiquette and excellent table manners. The recruits know that it is a privilege to eat out at a restaurant, and that when they are outside of camp, their behavior is a reflection of not only RRMC, but of themselves and their family as well. We have had the unfortunate experience of having a recruit sit on the bus and have PB & J instead of the buffet if his behavior is not up to par. This is a good incentive for our recruits to do their very best, not only at camp, but always.

Thank you to the great staff at Mandarin Buffet, your hospitality and hard work is always appreciated. If you’re ever in Flagstaff, and you’re looking for some great Chinese food, be sure to give them a try.

Grand Canyon Excursion

Thursday, April 17th, 2008



If you look at the picture to the right, you will notice two cliffs; one closer to the camera towards the left of the photo, and one towards the right. The left cliff is actually part of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, and if you look closely enough, you will notice Recruits waving and posing for a picture on the South Rim. The elevation at the Grand Canyon will range between 7,000 and 8,000 feet, and can be higher in some of the other scenic locations. During this trip, we enjoy lunch in the shade, and an environmental awareness class presented by Cm. Denton. This trip has some of the most beautiful sights in the entire world.


If you have visited the Grand Canyon before, you probably already know that there is a protective fence protecting the edge of the rim for safety, but if you’ve never been to the Grand Canyon before, it sure looks pretty scary, doesn’t it? 

It’s a long ride to the Canyon, usually 4-5 hours by bus, but when we arrive, we are always reminded that the trip was worthwhile. The very first view of the Grand Canyon is breathtaking, literally. People who have never been here before always have a good idea of what the Grand Canyon looks like, through pictures or postcards, but a photo is nothing like actually being there and seeing it yourself.

During this excursion, our recruits learn and understand how to truly see the “big picture”. The weather is usually breezy and comfortable, making this trip especially pleasant. As is our tradition, our recruits always send home a postcard from the Grand Canyon; watch for it in your mail box!

Trips and Excursions

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
While at Reality Ranch, your Recruit will experience a variety of different excursions away from base camp. These excursions offer a nice change of scenery and a great experience. These excursions are included in your tuition price at no additional cost. Click on the photos on the right to learn more about our camp trips and excursions.
It’s always an early morning for our recruits when we visit the Grand Canyon. Lunch is usually eaten on the bus, and we visit the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. We don’t hike down into the canyon, instead, we enjoy a scenic view from the top of the rim. Be sure to watch for a post card from your Recruit after this excursion.
Dining out at a restaurant is a great incentive for our Recruits to do their personal best while at camp. It’s a welcome change from daily camp chow, and a great opportunity for us to see how those table manners are coming along….
Going to the pool is always a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. Going to the Safford City Pool is always a blast. This pool is huge, and even has an awesome water slide that rivals most water parks! This is one of our favorite trips.
Located just off of base camp, our Challenge Course is always a big hit with our Recruits. Our net climb, tire run and other physical challenges will enable Recruits to challenge themselves and prove that they can do anything they set their mind to. This is a great motivator, and works wonders for boosting self esteem.
Our recruits participate in a real, military style bivouacking experience overnight, underneath the stars. During this excursion, our Recruits will learn about implementing survival skills and about how to utilize their environmental resources. The Arizona desert night sky is always filled with bright, twinkling stars- a sight to be seen.
It takes a lot more than muscle to be able to conquer the various challenges presented in our exclusive Leader Reaction Course. Quick thinking, creativity and determination will help Recruits make it to the finish line as they navigate their way through various obstacles and challenges using only camp authorized equipment and teamwork.
Recruits will learn about map reading and proper use of a compass. They will be tested on these skills during our Land Navigation Excursion, where they will have the opportunity to show off what they know, or learn and practice land navigation a little bit more.
We spend a lot of time at camp preparing for the ascent up this 12,635 foot mountain, located in Flagstaff. Reaching the saddle of this non-technical switchback style climb is always a rewarding accomplishment for everyone; we stay together as a group to accomplish this challenging mission.
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