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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Our official web site is the best place to find accurate information, policy changes and updates about our summer camp. If you have a question that isn’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1 (480) 278-5981 or send us an email.


1. Where is Reality Ranch located?

Reality Ranch is located in Graham County, in the tiny, historically rich town of Ft. Thomas, Arizona. Ft. Thomas is located approximately 45 minutes east of Globe, and 20 minutes west of Safford. The city of Safford is our closest “big” city, nestled at the base of the beautiful scenic Mount Graham, with a population of approximately 9,500 people. Safford has plenty of shopping, a full service hospital and lots of historical places to visit. You may want to take a look at Graham County’s web site at in case you ever want to come by and visit. The people are so nice, you may never want to leave!

2. Are you a Co-Ed camp? What are your age requirements?

Reality Ranch serves young men exclusively, ages ten (10) through fifteen (15). For some camp activities, recruits are separated in to groups, according to their age in order to encourage age appropriate interactions. At other times, the recruits enjoy interacting as a group, which helps promote tolerance and understanding for everyone.

3. Is Reality Ranch a “Boot Camp”?

There are so many types of programs that utilize the term “Boot Camp” in it, that we feel it necessary to clarify this term. We define a “Boot Camp” as a program that is operated with characteristics similar to a military style environment, usually with heavy emphasis on structure and maintaining self discipline. Under this definition, we would certainly consider our camp to be a “Boot Camp” in nature. However, if by using the term “Boot Camp” you are referring to some of the tough, rigid programs with poor safety records that were specifically designed to modify children’s behavior and whose clientel are primarily troubled youth sent to the program to “fix them” against their will, then our camp doesn’t even come close. Reality Ranch is a recreational summer camp with a military theme. There are hockey camps, band camps - even ballet camps…. Reality Ranch is a military summer camp.

4. How does my child get to camp?

Usually, our recruits (whether arriving by plane or automobile) are received at Sky Harbor International Airport located in Phoenix, Arizona. Ranch parents who will be driving their recruit to Phoenix on the first day of camp are welcome and encouraged to meet our staff prior to dropping off their recruit. From the airport, our recruits will be transported via private bus to camp. Occasionally, we will have spring or winter camps where travel arrangements may be different. Please contact us to verify prior to making your travel arrangements.

5. What types of children can come to camp?

RRMC serves a wide variety of youth from many different denominations and backgrounds. Some children attend camp to help get into better shape by learning how to eat healthy and stay active. Many Ranch Parents send their recruits to Reality Ranch to help motivate them and encourage them to make good choices, feel better about themselves and develop a greater appreciation for their home and family. Some recruits attend camp to develop appreciation for home, while others just want to experience an adventurous summer, military style! We also specialize in recruits that have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD (whether the parent agrees with the diagnosis or not), as well as those recruits that seem to be lacking motivation or self discipline. Our camp works wonders in helping overindulged children to appreciate what they have at home.

6. Where do recruits sleep and shower?

It’s back to basics here at the ranch, where recruits reside in military style tents, which are constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions (as long as the winds are not knocking over trees and power lines) while offering protection from the elements. Recruits are assigned an individual bunk and storage area for their personal belongings for the duration of their stay at camp. Top bunks have guard rails for the safety and protection of recruits. No pink fuzzy bathroom rugs here!

Our primitive showering facility allows for a realistic camping experience, while ensuring plenty of warm water and individual privacy for our recruits.

7. What types of meals are served at camp?

Our recruits enjoy nutritional but simple meals at camp, which resemble cafeteria food. We serve a variety of foods, from cereal to sandwiches, to burgers to pasta, all packed with the nutrients necessary to provide plenty of energy to our recruits of all shapes and sizes. While at camp, recruits may participate in the serving and clean up of camp meals, a talent that we hope they take back home with them.

8. What is a typical day at camp like?

We offer a wide array of educational activities and camp classes and our days are action packed from sun up to sun down! Recruits rise at 6:30AM, and conduct personal hygiene and make their beds before breakfast. Our core camp activities (such as flag raising and lowering, scripture reading, PT, formations, camp briefings, etc.) remain fairly routine, while our variable activities (classes, trips and excursions, daily instruction, etc.) change from day to day. Keep in mind that activities may vary with availability, so if there is a particular activity that you would like for your recruit to participate in, please contact us to verify that it will be offered for the session you are enlisting in.

9. What happens when a child gets sick or hurt?

For minor health ailments, and cuts and scrapes, our recruits are evaluated and treated at the base camp, and temporarily placed in the sick bay if needed until they are ready to participate in group activities again. There is always a CPR/1st Aid certified staff member present with the recruits and an emergency transportation vehicle is available at all times. RRMC has a full time EMT available on location at the camp site who is trained and prepared to manage minor injuries and emergencies. In the event of a serious injury, the recruit’s parents will be notified and the recruit will be taken into a local medical clinic or Mt. Graham Hospital is a full service medical treatment facility, located in the city of Safford, located approximately 25 minutes from camp.

10. Can my child attend camp if he takes prescription medication?

Yes! Medication is administered four times daily, with meals and at bed time. Vitamins, supplements and other over the counter remedies may not be brought to camp without a prescription. You may wish to consult with your child’s physician to adjust dosage times prior to camp if needed. Be sure to list any medications that your child is taking on your enlistment forms. There is an additional medication dispensing fee if this service is required.

11. Do you offer any type of counseling or therapy?

Reality Ranch is NOT a mental health facility, it is a recreational summer camp for children. While the friendly mentoring of our camp owners and camp staff has proven to be beneficial to our recruits, we do not staff any psychologists or therapists at RRMC. If you feel that counseling is necessary for your recruit, we recommend that you select a camp program that is able to provide these services to your child.

12. My child is Bi-Polar/ violent/ suicidal/ has run away from home, can he attend camp?

No, we do not recommend that your son attend RRMC, nor do we feel our program would be beneficial to these types of children. Any of the above conditions could interfere with a child’s natural ability to modify his own behavior and get the maximum benefit from our camp, as well as pose a safety risk to himself or our other camp attendees. Children who have “run away” from home have a tendency to do the same in nearly any situation that doesn’t suit them, and we encourage parents who have children with a tendency to leave home without permission to find an appropriate program that can accommodate these issues. Campers who “run away” from camp can jeopardize their own safety, and usually are a prelude to a .

13. Do you have any financial aid or scholarships available?

Unfortunately, we do not have any type of financial assistance available at this time. We do, however, accept most major credit cards for your financing convenience. This is a good option for Ranch Families that would prefer to finance their camp tuition. We also have a limited payment plan available to help parents finance camp tuition without a credit card. We are working on starting a scholarship fund for the future, and will post an announcement when funding is available.

14. Do you accept private health insurance?

No, we do not have any contracts with any health insurance companies at this time.

15. Do you provide any type of religious instruction?

We are a Christian (non-denominational) based camp and we allow our recruits to grow in that direction if they so desire. RRMC is glad to accept children from all religious denominations, and we conduct short, non-denominational scripture reading nightly. Recruits from other religious faiths will use their personal book of worship reflecting their religious affiliations during scripture time. The main goal behind our scripture time is to encourage self reflection, spirituality and education and tolerance of religion, not to influence beliefs. We encourage recruits to worship according to their family’s religious preferences while at camp.

16. Does my child need to be an Arizona resident to attend camp?

No, he doesn’t! We are proud to serve families from all over Arizona, the United States, and from all over the world. If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Arizona, now is a great opportunity to do so. Check out our Recruit Travel Page to see how far some of our Recruits have traveled to attend camp.

17. What makes RRMC different from other military camps?

We are not well versed in all of the components of other military summer camps, however, based on the feedback that we have received from some of our past recruits and Ranch Families, our program offers the variety and edge that provides our recruits with exposure to life skills, learning, emotional growth, educational classes and more. Additionally, please keep in mind that while Reality Ranch can be a great motivator for boys who need to make self improvements, learn discipline and understand the importance of respecting their parents and educators. Our camp is an outdoor experience program that has no frills, video games or other “stuff” that we don’t need to have a productive summer.

We are a family business, and we take tremendous pride in ensuring that our recruits are safe and cared for at camp, which makes us proud of who we are. You can find out more about the camp owners by clicking here. All of the web site seals and logos in the world don’t prove that your camp is safe and well managed until the chips are actually down. Not long ago, a Boy Scout Camp suffered the unfortunate loss of life of some of their campers. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families.

18. I wanted to know about the camp refunds from a cancelled camp session?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Reality Ranch cancelled a prior summer camp session. Understandably, we received many complaints about the inconvenience of the cancellation, and have resolved these issues to the best of our ability. We have taken steps to ensure that these issues will not be repeated. All camp families who enrolled in these camps have received either a tuition refund, credit, or a comp coupon for our upcoming summer camp for 2009. We look forward to seeing you soon!

19. Who licenses Reality Ranch?

Reality Ranch is licensed by the State of Arizona, and have always maintained our license in good standing. We have also remained in full compliance of all applicable state regulations at all times. You may visit our blog posting regarding to read more.

20. Because you’re a non-profit camp, can I write off my son’s camp tuition on my taxes?

We are organized as a non-profit educational summer camp. However, we don’t give financial or tax advice to our camp families. Please contact your tax advisor or your attorney to find out what tax benefits may be available to you.

21. Can my son keep the uniforms that he gets at camp?

Yes. The uniforms, personalized dog tags and other gear that your son gets issued at camp is his to keep after he returns home. These items are included in your camp tuition at no additional charge.

22. Does Reality Ranch sing cadence like they do in the military?

Yep, we definitely call cadence! Reality Ranch loves to call cadence, whether they are marching or exercising. Cadence builds esprit-de-corps and helps keep everyone motivated. RRMC recruits will learn several military cadences that have been adapted for the summer camp environment during their stay at camp.

23. Is it all fun and games?

No, our camp has a lot more to it than just fun and games. You might want to read a little bit more about the different components of Reality Ranch and why it is so effective. Don’t forget to read about our camp educational classes, too. The fun stuff is a great motivational tool to keep the recruits moving forward, but flying under the radar or not living up to proper behavioral expectations will not be rewarded. Recruits who misbehave will miss out on some of our fun activities, so it is in their best interest to do their very best while they are at camp.

24. This camp sounds like a great opportunity for my son. How can I enlist him in camp?

For fastest processing, we recommend that you fill out our online enlistment application by clicking here. Alternatively, you can also call our office to enlist.


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