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Commandant J. Denton

Read up on Commandant Denton and why he started RRMC:

The Commandant of a military institution is generally the individual in charge of implementing activities and logistics as well as institutional and subordinate accountability.

Commandant Jeremy M. Denton Sr. is originally from Lassen County, deep in the mountains of Northern California. After high school, he decided to join the military to serve his country and see the world.

In addition to facilitating a smooth, well organized camp, Commandant Denton focuses on his subordinates, the Camp Cadre. After selecting his summer camp staff, he personally trains each Cadre and ensures that they are willing and able to meet and exceed our standards. He provides constant supervision and ongoing training to make sure that our Cadre are the best that they can be, so that your recruit can become the best that he can be. While Commandant Denton has a lot of logistical responsibilities, it is unusual to find him sitting in his office. He is usually found down at camp, leading the Cadre and Recruits through the day’s activities, and keeping spirits high.

Throughout his time in service, he has participated in extensive courses and training in motivation, counseling, leadership and communication. He is a Certified Combat Lifesaver, and is an instructor for the American Red Cross. Commandant Denton is also a Trained Fitness Instructor, as well as a graduate of the Army’s challenging Jungle Survival Course in Panama. He has trained and operated with soldiers around the world during peace time and war. He has also participated in several real world missions, to include Operation Uphold Democracy (Haiti), Operation Joint Guard (Bosnia-Herzegovina) and most recently Operation Enduring Freedom. The last job position that he held was that of an Infantry Combat Platoon Sergeant with the Army’s elite 10th Mountain Division in Fort Drum, N.Y.

A combination of military training, life experience and parenting has given Commandant Denton the knowledge, training and expertise necessary to operate Reality Ranch and yield positive results.

Commandant Denton is proud to be a positive role model for today’s youth. He is a Nationally Certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). He is an American Red Cross CPR/1st Aid Certified Instructor, and frequently holds certification classes for his local community. He enjoys doing school presentations and public speaking. He captures his audience’s attention with his dynamic, realistic approach to a variety of today’s challenging and sometimes “taboo issues”. In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors and volunteering his time at his children’s schools.

You can find our more about the Denton Family Here, or you can learn more about Platoon Life at Reality Ranch.


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