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Camp History

“Start your child on the road to success, and put your mind at ease” was the founding slogan of Reality Ranch Military Camp nearly a decade ago. Reality Ranch actually started as a small weekend co-ed program for local youth whose parents were in the military while stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington.

Commandant Denton and his wife, Ginger founded this program, with help and support from parents and community volunteers who graciously donated their time and resources. He envisioned a camp where youth could go to experience the life skills necessary to become successful young adults, and learn how to enjoy a prosperous future. To find out what motivated Commandant Denton to build this program, read his Open Letter to Parents. This program was called At Ease Boot Camp until the company changed its name and status to a corporation.

Word of mouth spread rapidly, and Reality Ranch continued to expand, moving from a small camp in Concho, Arizona to our camp located in Fort Thomas, Arizona. As time elapsed, gender ratios became tilted, as many more males enrolled in camp than females did, and so in the interest of better serving our clientel, Reality Ranch began serving adolescent boys exclusively. Our camp has been featured on the radio, newsprint, internet and schools. Today, Reality Ranch is family owned and operated, and one of the fastest growing non-profit summer camps in the United States, with campers traveling from across the nation, and even across the world. Our camp strives to become a household name, reputed for a safe and quality program for years to come.

If your recruit attended Reality Ranch in the past and “made history” when they returned home, please write us and let us know, we’d love to hear about it. Please e-mail us at .


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