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Latest News About Reality Ranch Military Camp

Find out more about Reality Ranch Military Camp news and updates.

Reality Ranch has Live Chat! 3/25/2009
Reality Ranch now offers live chat for our web site visitors. You can visit our online, and click on the “Live Chat” button, and you will be able to talk to us live, in real time and get your questions answered immediately. 

New and Improved Website! 2/2009
We have given our web site a face lift, and improved user functionality to make our web site easy to navigate. We are also in the process of putting all of our printed materials online in a downloadable format so that you no longer have to wait to receive an enrollment packet in the mail. Now you can simply download and print all of our materials from your computer.


Reality Ranch is now Non-Profit 3/2008
Reality Ranch is full of energy and excitement and getting ready for summer 2009, and is hoping to make this summer the best ever. Reality Ranch is now operating as a non-profit summer camp with an emphasis on providing educational instruction and motivation to adolescent youth that need support and direction. We have expanded some of our camp classes to enhance the educational benefits of our program. We hope to see you there!


Young Marines now use RRMC’s Hydrarucks!    01/2008
The Young Marines is an outstanding program for youth, focusing on drug prevention and positive life choices. After speaking with the Young Marines and agreeing to provide our Hydrarucks® (Hydration Backpacks) to a large portion of their battalion, Commandant Denton decided to donate over $800.00 worth of Hydrarucks in an ongoing effort to support their program and the youth they serve. Reality Ranch is proud to support the Young Marines Program and their mission. Hooah!


Reality Ranch gets Unanimous approval for Conditional Use Permit!    11/2007
Reality Ranch received a unanimous approval from the Graham County Board of Supervisors regarding our application for a Conditional Use Permit. Conditional Use Permits are permits that can be issued, at the discretion of the County, to permit a business to operate on land that may not be established or “zoned” for that type of business. For example, our camp is located on a tree farm, and is zoned as “agriculture” land. The tree farm is great for our camp, with lots of trees and room to run, so RRMC applied for a Conditional Use Permit, meaning permission to use the land for our summer camp, and was granted unanimous approval. Conditional Use Permits are granted for the life of the business, and do not expire, unless the business transfers ownership. Then a new permit would need to be applied for by the new owners.


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