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About Reality Ranch Camp

Reality Ranch is approximately 3 hours away from Phoenix, Arizona. Recruits coming from out of state may fly into Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. Our camp is designed for young male adolescents exclusively, ages ten (10) to fifteen (15). We strive to provide as much personal attention to our recruits as possible, and to promote plenty of bonding and communication between your recruit and our camp staff.

Our primary goal is to provide a safe, quality, educational outdoor experience for youth. We also provide valuable life skills instruction, such as learning how to keep personal areas clean, and washing laundry. Many recruits are surprised to find out that there was a time when laundry was washed by hand, before there were washing machines. This makes putting dirty laundry in the hamper or in the washer at home pretty simple, doesn’t it?

Here at camp, recruits learn about the benefits of making healthy, age appropriate choices in order to reap the benefits of not only an enjoyable childhood, but ultimately a smooth transition into adulthood. They learn the value of believing in themselves, the value of academic advancement and the value of planning for their future. Reality Ranch enforces common family values and expectations, while enhancing appreciation for God, our country, home and family. We believe that the common values and life skills classes that we offer at camp are beneficial to all young men, whether the road to adulthood that they are traveling on is straight and smooth, or has some twists and bumps.

Each summer, children travel to Reality Ranch from all over the United States; and some have come from as far away as Japan and Estonia! Like most summer camps, we receive many types of children each year. We appreciate the opportunity to help today’s youth realize their value and to help them succeed. The children that some may consider to be troubled teens or at risk youth will soon become the leaders of tomorrow. Troubled Teens and at risk youth are not hopeless; they are full of potential; they just need help bringing out their best.


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