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Basic Program Structure

You may be wondering how RRMC and your recruit can accomplish so much in such a short period of time. Our Re-Shape and Motivate program has many different components that are designed to work together to accomplish one main goal: To help your recruit become the very best he can be.

RRMC has three main types of camp program activities, to keep camp fun and exciting, while providing plenty of stimulation, educational opportunites and structure. Below is just a brief summary of some of the many activities that we enjoy at camp.


1. Military Activities

These activities have a heavy military focus, and can include military themed educational classes, camp challenges (such as the leader reaction course) or physical activities, like learning how to low crawl or getting up early in the morning to do P.T. Learning how to shine boots and how to tie knots are basic activities that we use to highlight individual success. Your recruit will learn about General George Patton, and other military leaders who have contributed to the shaping of our country. Some highlights of our military activities include learning about military customs and courtesies, advanced instruction in camouflage and concealment, how and when to salute, the proper wear of their uniform and practicing precision drill marching. Recruits will also receive classes in air pellet rifle marksmanship and weapon safety, to prepare them for target qualification.


2. Life Enhancement Activities

Most of these activities are designed to provide education to youth about taking care of themselves. Life skills enhance a young man’s knowledge and understanding of basic life skills, the skills that are necessary at home, school and every day life. These include simple things, like learning how to make their bed properly, washing laundry by hand, and learning how to be neat and organized. These activities are just the beginning of understanding how life skills can prepare you for the future. Our activities and continue into more complex ideas, like the importance of academic success and developing proper social etiquette and people skills. These activities help set up your child for a positive future.


3. Recreational Activities

Recreational activities are used as a tool to motivate our recruits. A summer camp program would not be complete or beneficial without lots of fun, recreational activities, which keep our recruits happy, active and motivated, ensuring a well rounded challenging summer experience. Some of these activities are educational, and some are just plain fun! We have off camp excursions, a mud crawl, paintball and other great activities that are meant to reward our recruits for their hard work, and to give them incentive to give it all they’ve got this summer. The paintball competition is an activity that is usually anxiously anticipated by our recruits. The platoons compete, and only one comes out the victor. We also include water play in our programming to help keep our recruits cool and refreshed when it gets too hot.


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