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Reality Ranch Continued…

Reality Ranch is not a “juvie camp”, but we do accept children who need some motivation to get on track. We believe that the common values and life skills classes that we offer at camp are beneficial to all young men, whether the road to adulthood that they are traveling on is straight and smooth, or has some twists and bumps.

We are the first and only military outdoor experience program to be licensed by the State of Arizona. Like most summer camps, we receive many different types of children each year. Some children have an interest in the military and want to experience what military life is like. Some want to increase their physical fitness level or lose weight. Others are encouraged by their family or teachers to attend camp because they feel that the child needs a wake up call.

Adolescent boys are exposed to social influences that often impact your family’s rules and standards. At RRMC, our recruits learn that their family’s standards are the norm, and that the rules in your home are what matter most. Parents and their children don’t have to swim against the current any more. We teach your son to take pride in his home and family.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

* He has been pampered or spoiled?
* Does not appreciate what he has?
* Lacks respect and self discipline?
* Should be doing better in school?
* Smart, but lazy?
* Needs to develop healthy habits?
* Is too much of a follower?
* Spends too much time in front of the computer?

You’re not alone. All adolescents go through at least one of these phases at some point. It’s our job as parents to help them overcome these challenges and ensure that they stay on the right track. Sometimes, it takes more than a well meaning parent to accomplish this. While the initial separation from your recruit may be difficult, a few weeks away from home can be beneficial for everyone. It allows parents some time to relax and re-group, and modify some household routines if needed, and at the same time, it allows our recruits time to grow and expand.

They get to experience independence and learn self reliance in a safe and controlled atmosphere, and leave camp with more confidence than they arrived with. Often, Reality Ranch is a young man’s first experience away from home for an extended period of time, and both recruits and their parents are often surprised at how well they do while away at camp, and how much they learn. You can learn about some of the educational classes that we provide by clicking here or feel free to click on any of the links in the top menu to learn more about Reality Ranch.


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