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Behavioral Expectations

All camp attendees are expected to put forth maximum effort towards obtaining as much benefit as possible from our program. As in any summer camp, campers should be expected to conduct themselves in a responsible, courteous and respectful manner at all times. Violence, taunting, teasing or bullying is never appropriate or acceptable under any circumstances and will not be tolerated at camp. We make this clear during our camp orientation on the first day of camp.

We do realize that children can and will make errors in judgement at times, and we believe in enforcing natural consequences as appropriate. Similar to a football camp, if a recruit violates any conduct rules during his stay, he will be given an appropriate “challenge” to complete, which can range from writing an essay, doing push-ups, running laps or the loss of free time or privileges. Privileges may also include participating in camp excursions or recreational activities.

If a recruit’s behavior continually interferes with camp activities or the safety and well being of other camp attendees, the recruit’s parents will be contacted and made aware of the situation. If the unwarranted behavior continues to be disruptive after contacting the recruit’s parent, and cannot be remediated successfully, the recruit may be removed from camp activities and sent home at the expense of his parent or guardian.

We want all recruits to enjoy their time at Reality Ranch and have many fond memories to look back on upon their return home. The enforcement of a few simple rules and guidelines can help achieve a pleasant and productive summer for everyone. Please ensure that you speak with your recruit prior to camp to ensure that he understands what is expected of him when he is at camp so that his experience at Reality Ranch will be a positive and productive one.


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