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Camp Orientation

Many parents wonder how their recruit is going to know how to wear his uniform, how to act and how to fit in at camp. Don’t worry; this is a common concern, and an issue that we take care of during our initial camp orientation. It is our camp policy that all recruits participate in a complete orientation process shortly after they arrive at camp. Recruits are formally introduced to our staff members, given a brief tour of our camp grounds and are given important information regarding camp safety rules and behavioral expectations. During this process, we will go over some basic instruction, such as how to address camp staff members, some basic , and how to use our camp’s open door policy if ever needed. All recruits will receive a cursory assessment as part of their orientation process to ensure that they are ready to begin camp activities.

During this time, all contraband items will be disposed of. Their personal belongings are inventoried, and individual uniforms, equipment and haircuts are issued at this time. They will receive their platoon assignments shortly thereafter. It will be a long day, but an exciting one. Parents will be notified via email as soon as the recruits and staff are all present and accounted for at camp safely.

The entire in-processing and orientation process usually continues into the second or third day of camp, as there is lots of information to cover, gear to issue and things to learn. Getting their hair cut usually occurs towards the end of the process. It doesn’t take long before our Recruits get accustomed to the routine, and before they know it, they are walking and talking just like a well seasoned recruit, and doing great. Standing tall, and looking sharp! Hooah!


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