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Military Summer Camp for Younger Children

One of the things that makes Reality Ranch a unique military summer camp is that we accept younger children. Sometimes, parents don’t want to wait until their child gets old enough to develop and reinforce bad habits, and they want to “nip these behaviors in a bud” sooner, rather than later. Often, being away from home and learning how important it is to develop a sense of responsibility and independence is enough motivation for our younger recruits to make positive changes while they are away at camp. They miss home, and when they miss home, you can bet that they will appreciate it that much more when they return.

That’s where Reality Ranch comes in. Our para-military summer camp program accepts children as young as ten (10), and children as old as fifteen (15) years of age. This narrow age range helps ensure that the interaction between campers and the activities that we provide are beneficial for all of the recruits that attend our military summer camp. Reality Ranch is perfect for parents who want to give their younger child a “reality check” and motivate them to succeed, without subjecting them to a hard core “correctional” program that is meant for older, adjudicated youth.

Reality Ranch offers a unique combination of structure and educational activities to keep your recruit motivated to learn. Our program is safe, structured and gets results.


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