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Mission Statement

Reality Ranch Military Camp is a non-profit educational summer camp program. We pride ourselves in providing a summer program packed with learning, challenges, adventure and real life experience. In this day and age, our youth seem lost, forgetting how to appreciate the simple things in life, especially those things which are most important. At Reality Ranch, we have very basic items (no video games here!) to help reinforce appreciation for the valuable materials back at home. Recruits spend plenty of time outdoors in the fresh air, getting plenty of exercise and interacting with nature in all of it’s splendor. Our camp is home to many different creatures, some as tiny as ant lions, and some as large as javelina!

Our Recruits learn how to maintain their own living quarters, make their own beds and even do their own laundry! Learning how to use an old fashioned scrub board and bucket in order to get their clothing clean makes dropping their laundry in the washing machine at home seem very simple. Rumor has it that some recruits return home and volunteer to help out with the family laundry without having to be asked. Learning life skills at camp gives our recruits important tools that they can use when they return home, and in the future.

Providing an educational camp experience is our primary mission, which we accomplish through both classroom style learning and camp experiences. We believe children should never stop learning; they should always have the opportunity for intellectual stimulation and growth, in order to achieve maximum emotional growth. We only have a few precious years with our children before they are ready to be out on their own. Shouldn’t we give them all of the tools and resources that we can in order to prepare them for this tremendous challenge?

Read our Open Letter From Our Commandant to find out more about how our camp started, and our visions for this program.


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