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More About RRMC

Our mission is to provide a safe, quality educational outdoor experience for young men, that will combine valuable life skills, the opportunity for emotional growth, and the development and reinforcement of healthy nutrition, hygiene and exercise habits. Our Recruits learn how to take charge of their lives and make healthy, age appropriate choices in order to make a smooth transition into adulthood. They learn the value of believing in themselves, the value of academic advancement and planning for their future. Our recruits learn that they are valuable, worthwhile individuals with tremendous amounts of potential. Reality Ranch Military camp encourages respect for common family values and expectations, while teaching newfound appreciation for home life and its liberties.

Have you noticed that the youth of today have developed an overwhelming sense of entitlement? When did the i-Pod and cell phone become necessities for survival? When did the Wii and computer become such popular methods of exercise and stimulation? It’s hard to believe that these luxuries have now become a right, rather than a privilege. It’s frustrating for parents to raise children in a society where these items and expected and sometimes demanded by our children, instead of cherished and appreciated. Our youth of today are long overdue for a makeover, and Reality Ranch is here to assist in the delivery. Are you ready? Forward……. march!

A summer at Reality Ranch will be a summer your recruit will never forget! Our recruits prosper after participating in our structured, challenging activities that are designed to re-shape old habits and increase their motivation to achieve. Our camp is a great option for youth who would like to experience a challenging summer, get in shape or have a general interest in the military. It’s also great for young men who would benefit from some exposure to self discipline, self-motivation and time spent with positive role models.

Your son will experience nearly everything that a soldier in basic training goes through: the push ups, learning the proper wear of his uniform, basic military drill, proper personal hygiene and of course, the loud Drill Instructors! Recruits are responsible for assisting in meal preparation, doing dishes, camp maintenance and upkeep, doing their own laundry and keeping things neat and orderly. Parents are often surprised at their child’s newfound appreciation of their home upon their return. In addition, they will enjoy field craft, bivouacking, target practice, organized athletics and other exciting challenges. They will learn the value of leadership and teamwork when competing with the opposing platoon in various activities and camp missions. Responsibility and timeliness are skills that your child will learn through experience and education at Reality Ranch.

Reality Ranch is the only para-military outdoor experience program to meet stringent Arizona State licensing requirements to ensure healthy and safe conditions for your child’s camp experience. Our camp’s safety record is second to none , because your recruit’s safety is our number one priority. At Reality Ranch, we’re proud of our reputation! We are not a military academy or boarding school, we are a Military Summer Camp- it’s what we do, and it’s all that we do- it’s our specialty. When looking for a summer camp for your son, you should accept nothing less.

Reality Ranch is a para-military summer camp dedicated to helping today’s youth enjoy a prosperous future. Unmotivated boys leave here as accomplished young men with a clear understanding of accountability and respect not only for themselves, but for others as well. Reality Ranch Military Camp strives to help our future leaders become responsible, productive members of society, while reinforcing discipline and respect and teaching positive ethics and values.

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