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Open Letter From the Commandant

Dear Reality Ranch Parents,

Let me be the first to congratulate you on taking this vital step towards helping your recruit achieve a bright future. Please be assured that your son will be safe, and in good hands while at Reality Ranch Military Camp. Our program will provide all of the structure of a military environment while contributing the extra time and personal attention of a family ranch environment, to help your child be the very best he can be. In my experience, children are more inclined to do well, and to make positive changes if they have encouragement and support while doing so. We accomplish this by balancing discipline and encouragement every step of the way.

I am often asked what it was that inspired me to open Reality Ranch Military Camp. Well, the idea originated several years ago while I was serving on active duty in the U.S. Army. I had just arrived at my new unit at Fort Lewis, Washington and my first duty assignment was to supervise a group of soldiers who were getting discharged from the military. There were no missions for them to accomplish, no tasks for them to complete. My job was to simply keep them out of further trouble until their arraignment was completed. I did not enlist in the military to become a glorified babysitter, which made this assignment very disappointing to me. However, I respected my chain of command and was prepared to complete my assignment. Despite what I was told, I believed that these soldiers were capable of so much more than the little that was expected out of them. Eventually, I got to know each one of them; their strengths, their weaknesses and what motivated them to succeed. I provided specialized assignments and challenges to them, and helped bring out their full potential.

Many of those soldiers who were once deemed “worthless” were rehabilitated and put back into a working unit where they became an asset, rather than a burden to the United States Army. After reflecting on that experience, I felt that I could provide a similar service for today’s adolescents, and so Reality Ranch Military Camp was born. I believe that everyone has tremendous potential and ability within themselves. Sometimes they just need a little bit of encouragement to help bring it out.

As a parent, I have noticed the declining standards of society, and the many consequences that result. If today’s teens will be tomorrow’s leaders, our future is in serious jeopardy. We need to help our children understand the greatness of which they are capable of, help them take control of their lives, and show them how to become responsible, productive members of society. We need to enhance their morals and values to ensure that they will lead our country according to the strong values it was founded on. I am willing and able to help our children accomplish this, with your help. It is my pleasure to watch our recruits grow and succeed after they return home, and I enjoy keeping in touch with all of my recruits, even after they leave camp. Welcome to the Reality Ranch family.

Standing Tall,

Commandant Jeremy M. Denton Sr.
Program Director/Commandant
Reality Ranch Military Camp
Tel. 1 (480) 278-5981

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