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Parent Testimonials

Read Some of the Feedback we have received from our Ranch Families…..

“I can’t tell you how impressed I am with how you and the Commandant manage so many “men” in this camp. The picture updates amaze me more and more. To watch the progression from the first drop off day to the Lowell Observatory is so heart warming (don’t tell them I used that phrase!). The picture of Mic next to you in the mud bog blew my mind. When he wrote that he has changed his ways and is now a “man”, I can honestly believe it after seeing that picture! He had a physique, a joy and a presence that really projected he was comfortable with who he was. My family will forever be grateful for this experience you have provided him! We are cautiously optimistic that there is a whole new vision that he has for himself and his life.”

“Last summer my son attended Reality Ranch. It has been a year and he still talks about it. He wrote this paper In his 7th grade Skills for Adolescents class and I wanted to share it with you. He is very popular among his peers For attending a “true military camp”. :):) He wears his hooded sweat top to school every chance he can. I’m afraid he will outgrow it by next year. I will warn you that he will probably be calling you for a job one summer. He still loves military and is planning on Joining ROTC when he gets in high school. Thank you Commadant Denton for what you do, thank you for the experience you’ve given my son.”

“….We just got home with [Recruit] after having dinner in the San Jose area. He looked really happy to see us. From the moment we saw him, we noticed a change, maybe he had grown, matured a bit. He actually said, “I’m so happy to be home.” We are so grateful for this experience you’ve given him. I’m sure we’ll be hearing lots more of his experiences at RRMC as the days, weeks, even months go by. Thank you for all the E-mails and photos–most of them kept us smiling or laughing or both! We will definitely keep in touch! Please give our best to Cm. Denton and all of his staff.”

“….I’m sure other parents are sending in their Thank You messages just as I am. I wanted to let you know about the positive change in my son since going to your camp. [Recruit] seems more mature and respectful, and he hasn’t had one fight with his younger sisters since he’s been back. Also, he is appreciative of what he has. I’m glad I made the right choice in sending him. Before he went to camp, home life was [difficult]…to say the least. Now, it’s not. He really has been “reshaped” for the better!! Thank You!!”

“…I’m glad we got to see the camp - it was far greener and prettier than I imagined. In any case, [Recruit] says he loved being at camp. We’re very glad for that.”

“It was “Reality” to him. He is 14 yrs old and an only child. He is not a trouble maker at all. I sent him to this camp to learn to appreciate the things he has and to learn discipline as well as motivation. He came back from camp very appreciative and a lot more respectable. His self-esteem was improved by being a camp leader which is very important at this age….. Only getting the basics and few necessities is exactly what they needed. This does not hurt our children but teaches them survival, respect, discipline, and most importantly appreciation.”

“…..what an awesome summer experience you provide! Keep up the good work! [Recruit] will be back next year- he’s looking forward to it!”

“A big HOOAH to all at Reality Ranch. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for enriching my son’s life this summer. I have seen noticable improvements in his behavior & attitude. You have truely impacted this young man’s life for the better. I believe our efforts have laid a firm foundation for a bright & prosperous future for him. Another positive outcome from this experience is our relationship has improved & deepened. I was made aware of your camp through a parent from last year’s recruits. I believe the whole experience to be a worthwhile investment. I have passed & will continue passing on my information to other parents, also. Again, THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my heart!”

Where do our recruits come from? We have recruits travel to camp from all over the United States, and around the world.


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