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Platoon Life at RRMC

As depicted by our camp’s history, the two platoons are established adversaries, constantly competing against each other to finish on top. Both platoons have their definite strengths and weaknesses, and their assigned leadership is crucial to their success. Can a strong platoon effectively compensate for a weak leader if it had to? Can a strong leader motivate a weak platoon? Only time will tell…

The Scorpions- Envisioning a scorpion alone strikes fear in the minds of its opponents. With its powerful grasp and ever threatening venomous tail, the scorpion is a multi-faceted predator, and befriends no one. The scorpion’s exoskeleton provides more than ample armament and protection to preserve itself in battle. Its strong, confident demeanor makes for a fearsome opponent who does not intimidate easily. Scorpion Platoon has always been known for conducting flawless search and destroy missions. Their unguarded back is one of this platoon’s worst weaknesses, the cause of their demise on many occasions.

The Tarantulas- The tarantula is an aggressive predator known for laying low in ambush and striking swiftly without warning. Its speed an agility is one of its greatest assets on the battle field. Coupled with sheer determination and a seemingly never ending drive to win, the Tarantula has always been a formidable competitor who is difficult to conquer. The Tarantula Platoon has been known to utilize its natural ability to engineer the perfect attack, carefully planned and executed through the last moment. While the swiftness of their ambush has led this platoon to victory, their haste has also become their worst liability.

The ability to work together as a team is an important trait that will be continually developed while at camp. At camp, your recruit will be randomly assigned into one of two platoons: the Scorpion Platoon or the Tarantula Platoon, where they will eat, sleep, work and play together as a team, in order to be able to accomplish the day’s mission. The two Platoons (and their leaders) have also been known to compete against each other from time to time and enjoy some good spirited fun amongst themselves, increasing team pride and camp morale while enhancing team building skills.

The recruits are separated by ages for a few of the camp activities, such as socially sensitive camp classes. Otherwise, they typically interact together as a group. Older recruits learn to help, develop tolerance and have patience for younger recruits (just like they would need to with their siblings at home) and younger recruits learn self control and appropriate social skills with a variety of different peers. All recruits learn to respect and assist each other as a platoon and as individuals, putting differences aside to focus on what is most important; skills that will follow them home long after camp is over.

Each platoon has their own guidon (flag), which is dutifully protected by the chosen bearer throughout the day. In the event that the guidon bearer forgets to bear his platoon’s guidon, and leaves it unattended even for a moment, the opposing platoon can “steal” the guidon, resulting in penalties for the platoon without a guidon. It always helps to have self awareness, quick reflexes and a few extra sets of eyes on the guidon at all times to ensure it’s constant safety and security.

Our recruits learn to take pride in their platoon, and in our camp. We teach our recruits the Reality Ranch Recruit Creed during their stay at camp. They learn the creed itself, and what it means. We also have some Online Mini Courses for recruits that want to learn more before coming to camp this summer.


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