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Recruit Creed


espect for self, others and authority is my first priority. I will always treat others the way I would like to be treated.


xcellence is my standard. My character will be judged on my proficiency, devotion and efficient manner at which I complete assigned tasks.


ttitude is the single most way to affect a situation. My attitude shall be positive and forward thinking at all times. My attitude, good or bad, will be the decisive factor of the outcome of infinite situations that will present themselves.


oyalty to self and family is foremost. I must maintain loyalty to my goals, academics and character in order to be loyal to myself. My family is center in my life and loyalty to them will ensure a powerful and unbreakable support network for years to come.


ntegrity is the backbone of trust. Without integrity, my word cannot be trusted. I will always strive to do what is right with or without the presence of authority.


imeliness is crucial. Classes have been passed and failed and battles have been won or lost based solely on being prompt. Throughout my life I shall make every effort to be timely in all that I do.


es, I believe in myself and the inner strength that I possess. I will never give up. Perseverance is my cornerstone. I can and will succeed. I can and will achieve all that I desire in life.

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