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What Happened to Today’s Youth?

We realize that writing an article like this can stir up a lot of different reactions. America is very opinionated regarding parenting techniques and some of the problems we are facing with today’s youth. And that’s okay. That’s what America is all about- having the freedom to think, feel and express yourself as you choose to. As camp directors, we enjoy the same liberties.

The youth of today have gotten out of control and are spoiled, ungrateful kids. The material things that were once luxuries are now expected and demanded. Parents feel immense pressure to fulfill these demands, to keep up with other parents who are similarly situated. In a sense, it can turn into a competition, and the only ones who benefit from it are the children who receive these big ticket items, without having to earn them or even show their appreciation. How many times have parents of today watched their child slam a video game controller in anger, and then watch them pick it up to continue playing the game? Allowing this type of behavior is encouraging children to disrespect the luxuries that they have and in doing so, they will never develop any appreciation for these items. Mistreating an item should result in immediate loss of the item, for at least a week. And that’s just for the first offense.

It’s amazing how a baseball bat or mitt that was a treasured birthday gift when we were younger is barely considered adequate to give to our children now. Birthday gifts are now mandated to be video games, ipods and other expensive electronics, which we grudgingly purchase so that our precious babes don’t have to “do without”. Even more shocking is the lack of respect towards adults that the youth of today seem to display openly, and proudly. Years ago, if you did something wrong, you would be punished by the adult who was in charge of you at the time, and then again after you got home. What happened? What has caused and foul language towards adults to become acceptable? Why isn’t anyone doing anything to stop this? If we had said even a fraction of what children say nowadays to an adult, we probably would have been knocked into next Tuesday. Did you ever tell your father “No” or “Wait a minute”, when told to take out the garbage? We sure didn’t!

We are not advocates of violence, but we are advocates of parents taking charge of children, in order to prevent the continued deterioration of our society, and incidents like the . We are advocates of making children earn their privileges, and earning their luxury items. We are advocates of selling these items on eBay when children don’t respect or appreciate them- and not replacing them. We are advocates of parent rights- the right to expect discipline, respect and obedience from our children. This is not child abuse; it is a parent’s right.


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