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The Military Haircut

Many parents ask about our camp haircuts. It is a military camp… so does that mean he will come home…. bald? The answer is no. All of our new recruits receive a complementary haircut during their initial camp in-processing and another haircut during their out-processing. The first haircut is extremely short (buzzed), but the second haircut right before they come home, cleans up the look, and leaves some hair on top to make them look sharp. To help ensure uniformity, please do not cut your recruit’s hair prior to sending him to camp. These haircuts are a mandatory part of our program and builds Esprit-de-Corps among our recruits. Many of our recruits find their ultra short makeover more appealing than they expected, and elect to keep their hair short even after they return home! Some of our Ranch Parents find their haircut even more appealing than their recruits do, and encourage them to keep their hair reasonably short and well groomed upon their return home. We highly recommend that you ask your recruit not to apply any gel or hair products to their hair on camp pick up day. The hair gels are sticky and can make the haircutting process slow and uncomfortable.

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