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Keeping in Touch at Camp

As parents, we know that whether our children are acting their best, or acting their worst, they’re still our children. Spending time away from your son can be difficult, especially if attending camp will be his first time away from home. The separation is usually more difficult for the parents than it is for the recruits. Reality Ranch strives to keep Ranch Parents informed about their children while they are away at camp. There are a few different ways that we accomplish this.


Parents of camp recruits will be given access to our private “Ranch Parents Page” that will enable them to view periodic camp activity updates, pictures of the recruits at camp, camp alerts and other information. This helps keep our parents in the loop.


You will exchange letters with your recruit while he is here at camp. Reality Ranch encourages parents to write while their recruits are away, to show them your support, and to let them know that you are thinking about them.


Twitter updates! If you haven’t gotten into the yet, now is a great time to check out Twitter. You will receive occasional updates of camp activities and happenings that can be sent right to your mobile phone instantly.


Call our office and talk to Major Denton, who is always glad to run down to camp and check on your recruit for you. She is available throughout the camp session by email and phone to keep you informed and to support you.

It also helps to keep in mind that while parents are at home worrying about their recruit and missing them, the recruits are kept busy at camp and are having a good time. The recruits do miss home while they are away, and this is a positive thing. We hope that by missing home a little, that they will appreciate their home even more when they return to a warm welcome.


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