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A Place for Ranch Parents

We have a “members only” section of our web site for parents of enrolled recruits. In this section, we post camp updates, photos of the Recruits in action and more. Parents can also download camp forms in the parent section, making enrollment quick and convenient. It’s difficult to send your child away for the summer, but having a secure parents page to stay in touch with our staff and receive updates helps to bring our Ranch Parents that much closer to their child. Our Ranch parents are an important part of our camp family. They provide support and encouragement for their recruits, and are some of the most dedicated people we’ve ever met! While at camp, we remind our recruits that they are loved, missed and cherished at home, and hope they will do their very best when they return, not only for their parents, but for themselves, too!

Throughout the years, we enjoy keeping in touch with our Ranch families; receiving updates on our Recruits and having a chat with our previous Recruits from time to time. Commandant Denton has received phone calls from Recruits that have grown up and have families of their own! There are few things more fulfilling than knowing that you were able to touch someone’s life enough that they are able to become the success that they have always wanted to be. We always love to hear from you; don’t hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call after your recruit has returned home from camp. If you can think of any additional information that you would like to see included here in the future, please feel free to contact us and let us know… and we will consider your idea for future inclusion.



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