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The Benefits of Reality Ranch

Spending a summer at Reality Ranch Military Camp has numerous benefits for recruits and their families. Time away from home enables children to make positive changes and improve.

Frazzled parents can take some time out to restructure their rules where needed, and take a well deserved breather. We strive to help young men develop healthy exercise and hygiene habits, work hard in school and respect their family’s expectations once they return home. Many children come here thinking that their household rules are unreasonable or abnormal, which they often use as rationale for being disobedient or inflexible. They quickly learn that their household rules and their parent’s expectations are normal and within reason, and that it is their obligation as children to respect their elders and comply with rules.

RRMC provides plenty of educational programming to help enrich the lives of children by focusing on life skills, self-discipline and respect for self and others. Often, when a child seriously lacks respect, the issue stems from their self esteem. We work hard to help children realize their value and true potential, so that they can feel good about themselves and be confident.

Reality Ranch also helps children to develop a sense of integrity and accountability. We accomplish our goals by blending a structured program with fun and rewards to help keep our recruits motivated and willing to learn. Camping at Reality Ranch provides a child who may be headed in the wrong direction with an experience that will change their lives. The only thing better than watching recruits succeed at home is watching their happy family reap the benefits.


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