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Mini Course ID #421: Understanding the Recruit Creed

All recruits who attend camp will eventually learn the Reality Ranch Recruit Creed, but what does it really mean? This mini course will help you understand what our camp creed is all about.


Having respect for other people that we come into contact with on a regular basis, such as classmates, parents, teachers and family is something that is expected out of all of us, young or old. While unconditional respect may not always come naturally, especially in challenging situations, it is important to make every effort to live by this value as often as possible. For the few that have a lot of difficulty treating others with kindness, respect and understanding, often the problem lies within themselves. This is why respect for self is such an important part of the value of respect. Respect for oneself is where it all begins, and if you don’t have respect for yourself, it will be almost impossible to be able to sincerely show respect for others. Once self respect has been established, respect for others will come naturally.


Having standards is what differentiates acceptable levels of academic performance, behavioral conduct and even hygiene and cleanliness. The standards that we establish for ourselves speaks volumes about our character and how others perceive us. Low standards may be more easily achievable than higher standards, but they aren’t always better. No one is expected to live a standard of absolute perfection all the time, however, it is important to evaluate what your standards are, and if they are at a suitable level. Often, standards need to be changed, either raised or lowered in order to achieve short term and eventually, long term goals. Take time to re-evaluate your standards, always strive for excellence, and you’ll never be disappointed.


There are optimists, who tend to see a glass as half full, and there are pessimists who tend to see a glass as half empty, and many others who may lie anywhere in between. There is no right or wrong way to be, as we are who we are, however, our attitude and the way we perceive things can often have a tremendous impact on our lives and the outcomes of situations that we experience. Have you ever noticed that there are days where we think “When it rains, it pours”? This can often be attributed to our attitude and how we are handling challenges as they arise. It is easy to become emotionally stretched and frustrated to the point where we begin using poor judgement and lack in our productivity. Our attitude has a large impact on our daily life, and having a positive and forward thinking attitude can help make things go smoothly, even when the going gets tough. When we begin to have too many negative thoughts, frustration begins to build, which affects our judgement, reactions and subsequent situations. If you have firm control over your attitude and emotions, you can positively affect situational outcomes.


The topic of loyalty can bring on intense emotion, especially when it is in connection with close relationships or families who care about each other. Showing disloyalty, even if unintentional, quickly breeds animosity and distrust, and can quickly turn into a destructive cycle. It is important to be loyal to your family to ensure that there is a bond of trust, a bond that serves as the glue that holds families together when times get tough. It is also imperative that one can be loyal to themselves and their beliefs, not unlike having respect for themselves. Loyalty to self can aid in strengthening individuals against peer pressure, and help set solid priorities that are beneficial to help ensure achievement.


It’s easy to be honest, especially when an opinion is asked of you directly, and you are given the free opportunity to voice your thoughts without fear of repercussion. What is more challenging, and less common, is having integrity. Integrity is a character trait that few people possess, because often, the only reward for having integrity is internal, meaning there is little outside acknowledgment or reward for having integrity. Integrity is being able to be honest and fair, with or without the presence of others. Finding a wallet in a busy hallway, and picking it up in the presence of many watchful eyes, and turning it in so that it can be given back to its rightful owner is simple to do. Finding that same wallet, loaded with cash, when there is no one else around may not be so easy. Would the wallet have the same amount of money in it when you return it, as when you found it? Only the finder of the wallet would know this, and no one else. For this reason, true integrity is challenging, but a trait that we should all strive to achieve.


Being punctual is reasonably simple to accomplish, but is often overlooked or neglected. Punctuality not only affects your schedule, but it has an effect on other people’s schedules and plans also. Even more importantly, your punctuality makes a statement about you, and helps mold opinions that others may have of you. Being consistently late for appointments and deadlines shows a lack of regard, and is usually viewed unfavorably. Do your best to plan ahead, be ready for things to not always go smoothly. Other than certain circumstances that are completely beyond our control, there are not too many good excuses for not being timely, in all that we do.


Believing in yourself will help you achieve anything that you want. The old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” holds true. Everyone has inner strength, but varying levels of how much of it we actually use. Some find it easier to be weak, and make little effort and for that reason, lack the will, lack the drive, and lack the perseverance needed to accomplish their goals. Some are this way due to lack of self confidence, and fear of failure. If you find that you’re afraid to fail more often than you are willing to try, you need to evaluate yourself, your ways of thinking and try to figure out what it is that is holding you back. When we truly believe in ourselves, we can achieve anything and are unstoppable.


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