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Summer Safety at Camp

Summer time is hot- ensuring proper hydration at summer camp is important. Because we believe strongly in drinking plenty of water and keeping hydrated, we have developed our own line of hydration backpacks, known as Hydrarucks. To promote proper hydration, all recruits are issued a Hydraruck during camp in-processing, and are required to wear it at all times. We conduct spot checks to make sure that our campers are getting the fluids that they need while at camp.

We have outfitted the local Young Marines program with these useful hydration backpacks. They are woodland camouflage, have storage pockets, adjustable straps and reflectors. The Hydrarucks also have lumbar padding for comfort and wide shoulders to make wear comfortable. They contain a 2.0 Liter Microban Bladder to help inhibit bacterial growth and have a dual lock bite valve making them easy to use. If it’s easy and convenient to stay hydrated, more children will be properly hydrated.

Aside from proper hydration, protection from the sun is imperative. We use an SPF 50 sunscreen for all of our recruits. This sunscreen is waterproof and goes on “like paint”, but protects well. Parents should encourage their children to use sunscreen when they are home so that they develop healthy summer sun habits.


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